Futures Workshops


Futures Facilitation & Group Work

Facilitating Futures is focused on using foresight methodologies and tools to guide you and/or your organisation towards your preferred FUTURE.

“The future is not an empty space but like the past an active aspect of the present” – Ivana Milojevic

If the future is here now, how are you engaging in it?  Are you aware of the emerging opportunities available to you and if you are, are you adaptable and agile enough to take advantage of them? It is these questions and more that you and your team will be faced with during a futures workshop. Our expert facilitators will draw upon you and your team’s collective wisdom and expertise to help you create a shared vision of your preferred future. It is the power of the collective shared vision that can drive your company forward into a thriving future. New pathways can also emerge and you and your team have the potential to become more robust and resilient to both internal and external changes and challenges.

A key aspect of Facilitating Futures workshops is helping you build a more agile and prepared team for change.  Multi-stakeholder collaboration and participation in building a shared vision of your preferred future is critical, as is building a learning culture.  The power in futures work lies in the engagement in the process. This process is known as anticipatory action learning (AAL) and its focus is on questioning the future in order to encourage organisational and societal transformation (Inayatullah, 2005).

While all our workshops are specifically designed for the needs of you and your organisation the ’6 Pillars’ foresight process (Professor Sohail Inayatullah) provides us with an effective framework through which the future can be questioned and explored.